2015 Perry Christmas Party

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Perry Correctional is having an invitation only Christmas Party for the entire yard. The inmates will have the opportunity to celebrate what the Lord has done for them over the past year. Volunteers will participate in helping them to give thanks and celebrate even while separated from family. Even if you are not invited or do not want to participate in such an event, you can play a part. This time of year can be very emotional for inmates. Pleas pray for their well-being and for the volunteers who will minister to them. Much prayer, much power. Little prayer, little power. No prayer, no power.

  1. WHERE TO MEET:    For this event,  just come directly to the prison and park in the visitor parking lot.    The address for the prison is as follows:     430 Oaklawn Rd.   Pelzer, SC 29669.   The phone number to the prison is:  864-243-4700.
  1. DRESS CODE:  Please dress comfortably…. Business casual is preferred.  No shorts, no tank tops, no spandex, no tight or form fitting clothes.  Blue jeans or Kakis are ok for this event.  No open toe shoes.   Good advice:  WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES.   Go easy on the cologne and perfume.  No flashy jewelry.  Do not bring anything valuable into the prison.  NO CELL PHONES allowed inside the prison.   
  1. YOUR ROLE:   There will be lots to do this day!  Come rested and ready to go!     Pray for God’s will, blessing, and protection throughout the day for the inmates and volunteers alike.   If you have any questions or concerns throughout the day… please see Chaplain Epps.  If you see something… say something.   The holidays are especially hard on inmates because they are separated from their family.  Be mindful of that.   Be present and be available for the inmate if they seem to be struggling. 
  1. WHAT TO EXPECT:     Stay with “the crowd”…. Don’t wander off alone.  There will be security staff and prison staff everywhere.  Don’t worry, don’t be afraid.  Some of the activities of the day include but are not limited to:   Some volunteers will be cooking and preparing food, some will be serving food, some will be singing carols, some will be preaching, and others will be passing out gift bags to inmates (one per inmate).  Also, there will be lots of time for one-on-one fellowship and ministry to inmates. 

The day will begin early; I will be arriving at the prison around 6:30 AM on the day of the event.     This event will be an all-day event.  I plan on arriving at the Prison Saturday morning around 6:30 AM.  Feel free to arrive any time near or after that.  Due to the fact that this is an all-day event…. You do not have to commit to all of it.  If you want to work half of the event… you are welcome to do that.  A suggestion on that:  either commit to being here no later than 8 AM and working till noon or arriving at noon and working till the end (this event should end no later than 5 PM).

  1. WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU:  When you arrive at the prison, please check your pockets.  Do not bring your wallet, purse, or cell phone with you.  No pocket knives, medication, or candy.   The only thing that you should really bring is your driver’s license and if you need it you can bring your bible, song lyrics if you need them, notes for sermon if needed.  

ALSO…. WOULD YOU PLEASE BRING TWO COLOR COPIES OF YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE WITH YOU TO GIVE TO THE CHAPLAIN??  I know it is a strange request, but the reason for it will be explained when you arrive.  If you would prefer… you can also just scan your driver’s license as a PDF or JPEG file and email it back to me.  If you know for a fact that you have been through my SCDC orientation lately and are an “Approved Volunteer” then I do not need a copy of your driver’s license.

  1. LUNCH / DINNER:  This will be an all-day event (From 7 AM until 5 PM).  Therefore, lunch (and possibly dinner) will be provided to every volunteer.  We will be cooking hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill all day long; this is what we are serving to the inmates for their holiday meal.  You are permitted to eat as well.  Maybe eat a light breakfast before you come but food and snacks will be provided at the prison.  If you start to feel light headed or need something…. Please see Chaplain Epps.
  1. QUESTIONS / CONCERNS??  Please respond to this email with your questions or concerns.  Please make sure to click “REPLY ALL” instead of just “REPLY” so that everyone can learn from the questions.   Just so that you know….  If you are receiving this email… I am under the impression that you are coming.  If you know of someone who was planning on coming that did not receive this email… it is probably because I did not have their email address.