• Dynamic Bible Studies

    ((Interactive Discussions & Visual Aids Available Online))

    Serious Discussion.

    Our Bible Studies Use the Ring Central App for interaction, not just one way dialog.

    In Depth Studies.

    Alternatively, sStudies that move from the contemporary English to the Greek and Hebrew understanding in context.


    Presentations are made available via the web using our website or Faithlife App.

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  • Worship Style

    ((A powerful mix of contemporary and traditional worship that inspires.))

    Take Note.

    An exciting and informative service gives you opportunities to learn and receive spiritual strength for the week.

    Youth Moment.

    A moment for the youth is incorporated into every service where they get to participate and receive encouragement or split out into groups.

    Inspiring Music.

    An array of music is used in worship that is amazingly blended together and heart warming.

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  • Volunteer Opportunities

    ((Choose between inside or outside options to clean and maintain God's house using your gifts.))

    Building Ministry.

    Allow your skills to be tapped on any of our new projects to prepare God's house for the harvest.

    Lawn Ministry.

    The grass is greener where you water it and neater where you trim it. Join Us!


    A healthy number of ministries are available for you to use your gifts and we are open to new ministries.

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  • Covid-19

    The church in SC has been deemed an essential service and we have seen how important it is to provide a place for people to connect and be encouraged. Our lives are being bombarded with so much information and negativity that we need a positive place to recharge and be encouraged. While we are still active an essential we have the following requirements for everyone's safety. 1) We have 3 options for participating in the service:
    1. In person services with strict mask and social distancing
    2. Drive Up services with no mask requirement
    3. At home live stream services

    We are open for business however we are now requiring masks for all essential workers and guests. What does this mean? Under no circumstances should anyone remove a mask during our services while inside the sanctuary. If you need to relieve yourself then please exit the building or move to one of our live stream rooms in the rear of the building where strict social distancing is required.
    We are also skipping rows in the sanctuary to help reduce the spread of infectious diseases. How does this work? Well, if you are with your family, you can sit as close as you like, however but individuals need to maintain a minimum of 6 feet. We have 4 rows available for guests (1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th). If you and your neighbor can reach out and touch each other, then you are probably not 6 feet away. There is a maximum of 3 individuals on a row that are non-family members. One on each end and one in the center of the row. Thanks for not making us call you out in advance!
    Increasingly, we are finding that more and more asymptomatic carriers of the disease are being discovered and we do not want to be a part of the problem as individuals that have not or do not show symptoms.Because of this fact, we will not and cannot rely on temperature checks as a measure for allowing people to enter the sanctuary. This does not mean that you should come if you have a temperature, because masks and social distancing are only part of the solution. Self-management of your own conditions is essential.
    We are thankful that we are covered by the blood of Jesus, but do not want to be a stumbling block for those who may not be. We also do not want to be caught tempting the LORD as Satan tempted Jesus to do. Please if you are at our in-person services exit the building immediately following services. You are welcome to remove masks when outside, but we encourage you to keep them on if you are having conversations at close range.
    Individuals age 65 and older are still encouraged to remain at home at this time as the safest path for you. Also, anyone under age 65 with pre-existing conditions that may put you in danger are also encouraged to stay home as well. None of us really like this, but there was a time we didn't like seat belts or driver's license tests or training wheels. All of these guides are put in place to keep risk low. As soon as the risk is low enough we will move to a new normal where we continue to be clean, sanitary, and consider the welfare of one another and not just ourselves.
    Finally, we will be requiring each member and guest to complete a one time insurance waiver that dissolves Gethsemane of any responsibility regarding sickness due to this disease or any associated losses associated with it as a result of your participation in our services. We recognize that many churches have elected to keep their doors close as is their right. We do not want to be punished for choosing to keep our doors open, so please be responsible. Read More
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Gethsemane Baptist Church - FaithStreet

  • 09 Aug
    Worship Service 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

    Join us for spirit filled praise and an on-time word. Prepare to be encouraged, equipped, and embraced.

  • 09 Aug
    Deacon's Meeting 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

    Monthly Deacons meeting to make decisions and give updates concerning the business of the church and its members.

  • 11 Aug
    Weekly Staff Meeting 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

    Hi there, Emanuel Duncan is inviting you to a scheduled Staff meeting hosted by Ring Central. We will not meet in person on the first Tuesday. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/2582842502 Telephone:            +1(469)4450100 Meeting

  • 09 Aug - 11 Aug
  • 12 Aug - 16 Aug
  • 18 Aug - 19 Aug
  • 23 Aug - 26 Aug
  • 26 Aug - 31 Aug