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About Gethsemane

What is Gethsemane Greenville?

Gethsemane is located near the north end of Main St in downtown Greenville on Worley Road. The 701 Worley location of the last building still stands about 100 yards from the new building at 711. Gethsemane Greenville is the online presence of Gethsemane Baptist Church at 711 Worley Road.

With hundreds of churches to be a part of in Greenville we know that it is important that we remain focused on relationships. For small & medium-sized churches or large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of opportunities to minister and volunteer is a treasure. We are attempting to create great opportunities in Greenville for personal and spiritual growth that are fulfilling.

What can I do?

Gethsemane is active all over the Greenville area to empower, encourage, and enhance the life of all in Greenville. For example:

  • Monthly Nursing Home Visits
  • Weekly Prison Visits
  • Weekly Bread Donations
  • Seasonal Clothing Donations
  • Volunteer Labor
  • Sick Visitation
  • Housing Recommendations
  • Community-based Forums
  • Online Job Assistance
  • Family Fellowship Opportunities
  • Youth Leadership Opportunities


Site and Administration

Our physical site actually has three separate properties. The vision for our site is for all three to become one. Currently we have Jesus La Vide Verdadera worshipping at the 701 Worley Road location. The 703 Worley Road location was purchased from Men. City Lodge and is being restored after years of neglect. We affectionately refer to her as HOPE. H.O.P.E. will replace our existing Outreach Ministry and expand the capabilities of our local outreach to nursing homes, prisons, the hungry, the naked, and those in need of Help. Opportunity. Prayer. and Education.

Learn More

There is much more to learn about Gethsemane by visiting during our noon Bible study or evening Bible study at 7pm. Our worship services are always open to guests who desire to receive an inspiring word from God.

  • Covenant +

    How can two walk together except they agree? We find Common Ground and agree to share in everything we do. Read More
  • Consecration +

    Every one must be prepared for the purpose God has for them. ~Leviticus 8:33Fasting, praying, waiting, and training are all Read More
  • Conviction +

    Without Conviction there is no passion! Every disciple must have a personal conviction to drive them. ~Romans 14:5 Read More
  • Calling +

    Every one that is saved must identify and embrace their calling ~ 1 Corinthians 7:20 Read More
  • Commitment +

    Everyone must be committed to their purpose and encourage others to do the same ~ 2 Timothy 2:2 Read More
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