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Based on the results of the Stewardship Central analysis of our church, we give more than the national average of 3%, but we are not giving the minimum standard set in the Scriptures of 10%. This means that over half our congregation may be missing out on the blessings being poured out so that they don't have room to receive. The joy, peace, and patience that comes with being a good steward is immeasurable. A tither is a rare commodity these days, but a giver (no limits) is even more rare. Lets be cheerful givers. For The Lord loves a cheerful giver. [2 Cor. 9:7]

Last Year givers made it possible for us to acquire property to complete our campus which was divided. This year we will need givers to complete our campus areas that need restoration. Giving is much more than money and it starts with attitude. We can do it. Giving time is just as important as money. Skills and resources can be given. Information and counsel can be given. Do not be trapped by dollar signs and be open to the Lord's signs. He has called us to give in atypical ways in 2015.
In 2017 the Love Bomb was dropped, how is that for atypical? Since then we have been able to make much needed renovations to our H.OP.E. building. Help, Opportunity, Prayer, and Education will be made possible through generous and cheerful giving. Brothers have come from Vietnam, Virginia, North Carolina and various parts of South Carolina to bless us. What can we do in response to this? Lets match and exceed the generosity shown towards us in 2018. Keep dropping bombs!



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*The average Christian in America gives only 3% of their income to the church.

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*Passing the Plate by Christian Smith and Michael O. Emerson