2015 Proverbs 226 Results

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Dear Chaplain Larry and team I want to take a moment to “Thank you” so much for being such a big support as we came to Perry Correctional…  The children and the fathers were thoroughly blessed and also set a great tone as we went to other prisons … we have since then went to Leath, Kershaw and Lee Correctional.   

When we look through the rear-view mirror of what happened the whole year, we cannot miss seeing the hand of the Lord in everything that we have seen.   

For the first time, 

  • The Lord allowed us to minister to men and woman in 8 new prisons in the Carolinas!   
  • We have 21 kids go to college this year, and 6 of them are doing double major.
  • On Sep 19th, we were able to have ALL Night Prayer inside the prison walls.
  • We received 5000+ pounds of food to be given for the Celebrate event.
  • Kids giving their life to Christ, after their father asking for forgiveness.  
  • Over 200+ men have given their life to Christ!

And the list goes on and on… we don’t want to take this grace for granted, it is with the fullness of gratitude and love, we celebrate this years, Thanksgiving!

I hope you and your family had a great and enjoyable Thanksgiving!