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2019 Chamber Policy & Agenda

The Greenville Chamber has released their 2019 Policy Agenda & Advocacy guide. Although it is 20 pages of information, there is critical information for you to be able to make your voice heard to the proper representatives for your district and state.

We still perish for a lack of knowledge, mostly because we reject the knowlege. Hosea said it first, but his voice still echoes. Lets get informed and use the spiritual discernment from above to help our elected officials make sound decisions.

  • Covenant +

    How can two walk together except they agree? We find Common Ground and agree to share in everything we do. Read More
  • Consecration +

    Every one must be prepared for the purpose God has for them. ~Leviticus 8:33Fasting, praying, waiting, and training are all Read More
  • Conviction +

    Without Conviction there is no passion! Every disciple must have a personal conviction to drive them. ~Romans 14:5 Read More
  • Calling +

    Every one that is saved must identify and embrace their calling ~ 1 Corinthians 7:20 Read More
  • Commitment +

    Everyone must be committed to their purpose and encourage others to do the same ~ 2 Timothy 2:2 Read More
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