Gethsemane History


Events of Importance


– Purchased property for $12 from The Working Benevolence Society No. 135 (Nov. 27th)


Trustees – Pink Smith, Elias Walker, James Davis, Jarrett James1


Collins was pastor until 1938 (W.M. Lipscomb preceded Collins)


Church Building was rebuilt in 1938


George W. Wofford was pastor after Collins


October 17, 1951 – Rev. A.R. Shumate became pastor


Baptismal pool installed in 1953 


Baptisms were done on Renrick Dr. (“the hill”) prior to the install


Lodge building / Activity Center was built


James R. Whitmore became pastor


Warren Sullivan became pastor


Joseph Kenneth Spearman became pastor (1982 – 1985) He died Monday April, 15th.


-Every Sunday worship started (prior to this was 1st and 3rd)


Jeremiah Ezekiel Palmer became pastor (1985-1986)


Tony Blackmon became pastor (1986-1992)


Florence Goldsmith became pastor in 1993


New Sanctuary was built in 2005


Florence Goldsmith retired in February of 2010


Emanuel Duncan became pastor on  2/14/2010


Old Church Building was Renovated in 4th Quarter 2010


Purchased the 703 Worley Rd. Building from Mountain City Lodge


The addition of ‘YOU’!



This history is a work in progress and therefore still remains somewhat fragmented. There was a fire where some church records were lost and few people have come forward to be able to rebuild the history of the church. If you or someone you know has information that will help us build a more accurate account of this history, please contact us. Greenville Newspaper records have been helpful, but have several erroneous misspellings of the name Gethsemane as Gathsemnea, Gethsemine, ane Gethsemane.



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