The Gethsemane Prison Pal Ministry is only available to those individuals ages18 years and older unless under adult supervision. Letters can be handwritten, typed, emailed or written online to inmates using the contact form available once you are logged into the site. Online letters will be transcribed and postage applied for immediate delivery. This service is not in conjunction with any other inmate services available and is specifically a service of the Gethsemane Baptist Church at 711 Worley Road in Greenville, SC.

Prison Pal Rules

  1. Do Not use your real name or address in any letters unless you use first name only.
  2. Personal sharing is for edification and encouragement only, not ulterior motives.
  3. Be Patient, many inmates only get 2 envelopes per month for writing.
  4. Monetary gifts are cautioned and should be done through the church not individuals.
  5. Designated gifts or materials must be distributed through the church or a company.
  6. Letters must be written by members or volunteers that are 18 or over unless adult supervision is given.
  7. Christ-Like language should always be used and illegal activity will be monitored closely.


Prison Pal Ministry Envelope

The format for an envelope is:

1) Inmate Name and Number: For example: John Baptist 00965919

2) Dorm Number: For example: Q5F555

2) Institution Address For example: Perry Correctional -> PCI - 430 Oaklawn Road - Pelzer, SC 29669

Be sure to have a return address. For Prison Pal Ministry use 711 Worley Road, Greenville, SC 29609

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