Prison Pal Purpose

PrisonPal MailIconThe Purpose for the Prison Pal Ministry is to give inmates a positive outlet as they prepare for reentry. Too many inmates have the testimony that "no one writes me" and "nobody cares" when we know that is not the truth. Some people are not comfortable with communicating with inmates and others don't want to get tangled up in the schemes of those who are not truly changed, however the Prison Pal Ministry is designed to allow safe interaction without the entanglement and guilt. Each Prison Pal will use an alias name that is Biblical. The purpose of the name is to give them someone to identify with, even though in actuality they are using a "pen name."

Letters will be sent from the church and using the church address so that it cannot be traced back to an individual. If a Prison Pal decides they want to help an inmate, then they are encouraged to remain anonymous and use the Prison Pal Ministry to send any gifts or packages to keep a safe space between you and the inmate. We prefer Prison Pals to be ages 18 or older, but under certain circumstances we will allow youth to send letters. The rules are the same in regards to using real names and information that would identify any individual.

We hope you will take advantage of this ministry opportunity to be a blessing to someone in need! Sign Up to receive your Prison Pal now.