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Spiritual Intimacy

SPIRITUAL INTIMACY - Marriage Conference Notes (Nu Vision Outreach Ministries)


  • What is Spiritual Intimacy?
    • It could be defined as the hearts desire to grow close to God and connect with my spouse through faith.
  • How Do you develop Spiritual Intimacy?
    • Be willing to seek God's guidance & make Jesus Lord of your life. Pray together. Read God's Word together.
  • What are some roadblocks to Spiritual Intimacy? 
    • Worshipping at separate churches
    • Sitting in separate seats for no apparent reason
    • No budget and no planning
    • No public presence or relationship
    • Lack of forgiveness or respect
    • Preaching at your spouse
  • How to INVEST in Spiritual Intimacy
    • I - Intimacy
    • N  -Necessitates
    • V - Value
    • E - Energy
    • S - Sacrifice
    • T - Trust
      • Share in the Word & other resources
      • Pray aloud together while holding hands
      • Relax on the Lord's Day
      • Spend time with other couples
      • Find Mentors
      • Count Your Blessings
  • Covenant +

    How can two walk together except they agree? We find Common Ground and agree to share in everything we do. Read More
  • Consecration +

    Every one must be prepared for the purpose God has for them. ~Leviticus 8:33Fasting, praying, waiting, and training are all Read More
  • Conviction +

    Without Conviction there is no passion! Every disciple must have a personal conviction to drive them. ~Romans 14:5 Read More
  • Calling +

    Every one that is saved must identify and embrace their calling ~ 1 Corinthians 7:20 Read More
  • Commitment +

    Everyone must be committed to their purpose and encourage others to do the same ~ 2 Timothy 2:2 Read More
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